Bedlam technicians are responsible for all technical aspects of EUTC shows, from design to get-in, production, and operation.

Welcome Week & Freshers’ Play

Every year during Welcome Week we run several workshops on topics like lighting and sound.

After Welcome Week, we launch into the semester with Freshers’ Play. This is a chance for new Bedlam members to have hands-on experience creating a show. It’s your chance to design a lighting rig, build soundscapes, fill the auditorium with haze, or whatever you can think of!


The Improverts, our resident improv comedy group, run tech workshops every week. Come along to the side door on Friday at 9pm each week to learn, set up, and then run tech for each show! No experience is necessary.

We also hold workshops throughout the semester which are announced in the Bedlam Techies group and the main Bedlam Facebook group.



Our weekly show teams are always looking out for technicians, designers, and assistants. Assisting on a show is the best way to learn about tech managing, sound or lighting design, or other aspects of putting on a show at Bedlam.

If you’d like to get involved, join the Bedlam Techies group on Facebook or email [email protected].