Stage Management

Hint Stage Managers are a crucial part of any production team, and there’s plenty of demand for them at Bedlam! Stage managers are usually in charge of sourcing props, taking down blocking, and organising any scene changes or complicated choreography… They’re a link between the rehearsal team and the other aspects of the production. If you’re an experienced SM or you’re just looking for a place to assist and learn the ropes, we’ve likely got teams looking for you - come along to a company meeting to hear about current opportunities, or email our Set Manager at


Sets at Bedlam can vary from large-scale conversions of the entire space, to a table and a few chairs, to everything in between. We have the tools, resources, and community available to help anyone interested in set managing or scenic carpentry get involved! Come along to a company meeting to hear about current opportunities or email our Set Manager at!

Watch some of our recent timelapses of sets going up and down below!



Bedlam provides exciting opportunities for those interested in the way costuming works for the stage; be it design, construction or sourcing. As we have a constant cycle of multiple shows being put on each week there’s a lot of variety in the type of costumes needing to be sourced and made. Hint We maintain resources in the form of or wardrobe and various contacts with other theatre societies and costume/students at Edinburgh College of Art.

Contact both of our Wardrobe Managers on for information on hiring costumes for a show, becoming involved with a show, or to be put in touch with costume designers and makers.