Covid-19 Statement 13 March

by Mick Zijdel

The Edinburgh University Theatre Company has been closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. We are issuing advice to staffers and have implemented precautionary measures.

The Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, announced in the Scottish Parliament on 12/03/20 that mass gatherings of over 500 are to be restricted to free up emergency services, including police and ambulance crews, to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Bedlam Theatre’s capacity is 135, and our show capacity does not exceed this.

As a result, Bedlam Theatre will continue to operate as usual until official guidance has been given, at which point we will act appropriately on advice issued by EUSA, The University of Edinburgh and the government.

Company members should: Follow government guidance on self-isolation Stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days if you have these symptoms indicative of coronavirus: - A fever (37.8°) - Flu-like symptoms - Shortness of breath - A new, persistent cough

Get as much sleep and be as well-rested as possible to minimise the likelihood of getting ill

All upcoming shows are going ahead as scheduled. This includes the following: - Diana of Dobson’s (13/03/20 - 14/03/20) - The Improverts Charity Event (15/03/20) - Consent (18/03/20 - 19/03/20) - Candlewasters (21/03/20) - I am Woman (23/03/20) - The Town Hall Wall (25/03/20 - 28/03/20) - The Improverts (Every Friday)

There are some changes that we will be making to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection: - We are going cashless, so we will not accept cash payments, but we do take card - The café is closed - Tokens will not be used, and we will be using sharpies to mark for shows

Reducing the risk of coronavirus infection is a top priority. We have increased our cleaning regime: - Staffers have been instructed on cautionary measures - Additional deep clean of public spaces and back-of-house areas - New disinfection regime focusing on door handles and other vulnerable locations - Print-outs of hand washing instructions above sinks - Risk assessments

General Meeting 6 will go ahead as scheduled on 18/03/20. All company members attending will be asked to wash their hands at our hand washing stations before and after entering the auditorium.

The Bedlam Ball is currently going ahead as scheduled.

This update is under review, and will be reviewed again at our company/committee meeting on 16/03/20, Monday.

Whilst the risk of coronavirus in the UK is moderate, at present the risk to individuals has not changed and remains low. We remain cautiously optimistic, and the safety and health of our company members and any visitors is extremely important to us. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Last updated: Friday 12 June 2020 at 16:08