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It is not mandatory to enter your phone number. A phone number is only required once you want to sign up for staffing slots.


A bio and avatar are not mandatory, but these will be shown on your profile if you enter them.

Sign Up Terms

Data Collection Terms

We collect the following personal information about you to operate this website:

  1. Full name indefinitely to maintain records of shows you work on and propose
  2. Email indefinitely so you can sign in on the website and to let you know about:
    - Shows you are proposing/working on
    - Company events including General Meetings
    - Staffing slots and maintenance time you may owe the company
  3. Phone number for 1 year to contact me about staffing you have agreed to do

We will also store this additional information about you:

  1. If you have bought membership this year
  2. If you have been DM trained this year
  3. What proposals you have been involved with
  4. What events, such as shows and workshops, you have been involved with
  5. What staffing and maintenance debts you owe to the company
  6. What opportunities you have submitted to the website
  7. What roles you hold within the company
  8. Who your Techie family members are

If you do not want to consent to any of these terms, please contact the secretary at [email protected]

If you would like to request a copy or deletion of the data we store about you, please contact the secretary.

Safe Space Policy

Additionally, you agree to do the following, as part of our Safe Space Policy:

  1. Be aware of the connotations of your language.
  2. Avoid making assumptions about another person’s gender, pronouns, sexuality, disability, ethnic identity, or life experiences.
  3. Be prepared to challenge harassment and discrimination if you are witness to an incident, and where appropriate to report it through one of the methods outlined in section 3.
  4. Be open if challenged on your own behaviour, and to learn from the experience.
  5. Be respectful of other’s physical and emotional boundaries.

I agree to the terms on data collection and to the terms laid out in the Safe Space Policy:

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