Cancelled performance

Tonight’s performance of Our Country’s Good has been cancelled due to the sno... Read More

Friends of Bedlam

Bedlamite Fergus Deery is looking for anyone who was around during the ‘Save ... Read More


So excited for // PLAY // on Saturday! Here's a lil teaser image, come along for lovely stuff like this and more! T… https://t.co/kU6AEZTOzr 10:55 24/04/18

Aaaaaand as an extra *non Shakespeare* based opportunity, @theatreparadok have auditions for their fringe shows up… https://t.co/SutSrGarSQ 18:28 23/04/18

in all seriousness, happy birthday to Shakespeare! Speaking of, our pals over at @EdUniShakeSoc have just opened up… https://t.co/YLaexbkKzr 18:26 23/04/18


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