Friends of Bedlam

Bedlamite Fergus Deery is looking for anyone who was around during the ‘Save ... Read More

Happy Holidays!

It’s been a fantastic year over in the chilly Bedlam Theatre, full of sensati... Read More


Although tonight's show has sold out, reservations are released if not collected by 7:15 and some people may not make it so keep a eye out! 15:29 19/10/17

Slightly late to report buuuut ... 'Number, Please.' has already completely sold out! So proud of our original EUTC… https://t.co/bH2kDdyMrO 21:41 18/10/17

'Number, Please.' starts tomorrow and 70% have already gone ...‼️ https://t.co/WXF6OMjOiv 20:13 17/10/17


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