Theatre Societies at Edinburgh Uni - Cheatsheet

This is a cheat sheet outlining how to get involved with student theatre in Edinburgh. It is a companion to the Getting Stuck into Theatre sessions happening throughout Welcome Week.

You can also join the Edi Uni Theatre Societies Welcome Week Facebook Group for daily updates on Welcome Week workshops.


Name How many shows in the year What type of shows Links What can I do right now?
Bedlam Theatre/EUTC Up to 40 (+ Fringe) Bit of everything! (Improv, serious theatre, comedy, musicals, panto, original writing) Facebook Group Facebook Page Instagram Membership Keep an eye on our Facebook Group for more auditions, assistant callouts and proposals, or sign up for the newsletter
Improverts (EUTC) Once a week (+ every day at Fringe) Improv, Workshops (acting and tech) Website Facebook Page Instagram Tech workshop every Friday around 9pm. Improv workshop every Saturday at 12pm in Bedlam
Candlewasters (EUTC) 3 times a year (November, February, March) Original Writing Facebook Instagram Audition in week 2
Theatre Paradok 6ish (+ a number of Fringe shows) Alternative / experimental Website Facebook Page Instagram Membership Propose a show or wait for auditions and assistant call outs
Shakespeare Company / ShakeSoc 2/3 (+ monologue shows + Fringe) Shakesperimental (adaptation), Shakespeare, Monologue Shows) Facebook Page Instagram Membership )
EUSOG 2 (+ Fringe) Musicals, GIlbert and Sullivan in semester 2 Facebook Page Instagram Membership Audition
Footlights 2 (+ Fringe) Musicals, Showchoir Facebook Page Instagram Auditions closed. Assistant callouts will go up in semester 1
Revue A show every two weeks Sketch comedy and Stand Up Facebook Page Instagram  
Studio Opera / ESO One show and a concert Opera Website Facebook Page Instagram Audition Pack Die Fledermaus March 2023
Les Escogriffes One show in March French Theatre Facebook Page Instagram Membershi Welcome Week Events

Area specific groups to join

(Useful for looking for advice, people needing assistants, generally getting to know the areas you are interested in)

Backstage (stage, set, tech, costume etc) and Tech (lights, sound, projection):

The best way to get involved with a non-acting role is to keep an eye on the Bedlam Theatre {EUTC} 2022/2023 Facebook group and the Bedlam Techies and Backstage Facebook group. People will post calls for production team members and assistants on there. We will also post information about proposals for new shows and workshops on there.

Contacting people

  • Messaging the Facebook pages for a quick reply / Messaging committee members on FB
  • Emailing committee (or specific committee members)
  • Putting a post in the groups linked above

Useful Contacts

EUTC/Bedlam - Committee - [email protected]
EUTC/Bedlam President – Emily Richards & Freya Game - [email protected]
EUTC/Bedlam Secretary – India Hunter - [email protected]
EUTC/ Bedlam Productions Manager – Lauren Green - [email protected]
EUTC/ Bedlam Tech Manager– Martha Barrow - [email protected]

Candlewasters - Production team - [email protected]

The Improverts - [email protected]
The Improverts Director – Alexander Tait
The Improverts Producer – Shira David

EUSC / Shakespeare Company - Committee - [email protected]

Shakespeare Company President - Greta Abbey Shakespeare Company Secretary - Shira David

EUSOG - Committee - [email protected]
EUSOG President – Seamus Coyle - [email protected]
EUSOG Vice-President - Abby Harkness EUSOG Secretary - Beth Cunningham - [email protected]

Footlights - Committee - [email protected] or message our FB/Instagram
Footlights President - Tom Steed Footlights Secretary – Amy Stinton

Theatre Paradok - Committee - [email protected]
Theatre Paradok President – Florence Carr-Jones Theatre Paradok Secretary – Sarah Moreman
Theatre Paradok Productions Coordinator – Gemima Iseka-Bekano

Edinburgh Revue - Committee - [email protected]
Edinburgh Revue president - TBC Edinburgh Revue secretary - TBC

ESO/Studio Opera president – Sebastian Schneeberger ESO/Studio Opera secretary – Hannah Laverick - [email protected]

Les Escogriffes - Committee - [email protected]
Les Escogriffes president - TBC Les Escogriffes vice-president - TBC