Meet the Committee

The Committee oversees the running of the EUTC and Bedlam Theatre. The Committee consists of positions that run and manage everything from finances, to building maintenance, to shows coordination, to making parties awesome!
If you want to know more about what each role does, click each title below or go to the EUTC Wiki here.

The 2024/25 EUTC Committee are as follows:

Presidents (joint) - [email protected]

India Hunter 🦌 (she/her, 4th year History of Art and English Literature) - Facebook

India played Mr Bingley in Halfbaked’s Pride and Prejudice last year and, honestly, that’s all you need to know about her. She is from Middlesbrough in the North East of England and her father is actually a steelworker - you can’t get more stereotypical than that! If you see her wandering around Bedlam, please feel free to give her a task. She needs to feel useful at all times.

Fact: India’s favourite show is BBC’s ‘Ghosts’. She dressed as Julian for Halloween last year and met Matthew Baynton during his brief RSC stint. Don’t ask her about it, she will never shut up.

Em Leites McPherson 🦑 (they/them\she/her, 4th Year English Language and Literature) - Facebook

First-mate of the H.M.S. Bedlam, butler to two cats, and reveller in all things theatrical, Em is delighted to be spending their final year exactly how they spent their first three: freezing their extremities off and getting covered in paint. They are from Yorkshire, and they like sheep, cheese, science fiction, and cool haze effects.

Fact: Em has cats. Did they mention? Em has cats. Two of them. Two cats. They are called Pangur Bán (“Pan”) and Ceridwen (“Gwen”).

Secretary - Veronica Yung 🪩 (she/her, 2nd Year French and English Literature) - Facebook

[email protected]

Veronica is from Macau, and if you’re staring blankly at the screen because you’ve never heard of Macau before, it’s near Hong Kong. Because she can touch type, Veronica is this year’s secretary. She enjoys attempting to sleep on Bedlam’s stage at late night get-ins or at lock-ins.

Fact: She will talk about Glee and her other favourite shows for hours.

Business Manager - Luke Hardwick 😶‍🌫️ (he/him, 2nd Year Mathematics) - Facebook

[email protected]

Luke is this year’s Business Manager but more importantly has inherited the role as resident ginger and Welsh on committee. He is also a self proclaimed “harlot for spreadsheets” (talk to him about Excel esports). He is cool (he promises) even tho he sounds boring so talk to him if you have any business questions :)

Fact: Luke had a massive overwhelming rivalry with Leon Lee last year which he lost by only doing 14 shows whereas Leon did 19.

Theatre Managers (joint) - [email protected] - Facebook

Fiona Connor 🦦 (any/all, 3rd Year Physics)

Fiona is one of Edi Uni’s many English people - from the South East no less (they thoroughly apologise for this fact). They own a hard hat and high vis jacket so are well equipped to be a theatre manager. As Fiona loves Physics, they continuously try force it onto people in theatre and in using their vast knowledge they say they will eventually figure out how the Bedlam time blackhole works.

Fact: Fiona has now adopted Bedlam’s resident stuffed frog, Jeremy - they love him dearly.

Atalanta Lewis 🌷 (any/all, 3rd Year Sociology and Politics)

Atalanta’s name derives from Greek mythology, though is often confused with a ‘lost’ ancient civilisation, or the result of someone falling asleep on a keyboard. After taking care of the leak in the Asbestos Hole (we promise no asbestos is present), and attempting to prevent a flood after it rained on stage during The Show That Must Not Be Named, Atalanta hopes that water-related incidents can be kept to a minimum this year.

Fact: Atalanta once amassed over 300 hours in The Sims 4 in about 3 weeks.

Front-of-House Managers (joint) - [email protected]

Moses Brzeski-Reilly 🥪 (any/all, 2nd Year History of Art and Music)

Moses’ only personality trait is being gay, in fact, on a completely unrelated note, they have dyed their hair 5 different colours in 3 years. Having worked one shift in the bedlam café during which their OCD prompted them to deep clean they decided maybe they’d be pretty good at front of house, and anyway, “president of yap-ville” isn’t an official post yet.

Fact: Moses once met Kraftwerk, not in a ceremonious way as they walked face first into one of them coming out of a portaloo.

Alice Sikora 🐀 (she/her, 3rd year Physics)

Alice has lived exactly equal amounts her life in Poland and the UK, and, when not in Edinburgh, she resides in Newcastle upon Tyne amongst the Geordies where the rivers flow with brun ale. Among other things, she loves to prance around on stage in the panto (a total of 3 years now), climb ladders and bake in the Bedlam kitchen, but after seeing the state of the microwave she decided enough is enough. In order to solve this problem, and many others, she is bravely advancing into the depths of Bedlam committee.

Fact: When she was about 9 years old, Alice and her sister decided to join a sumo wrestling club. They were surprisingly really good but their sumo careers were short lived.

Productions Manager - Meri Suonenlahti 🪿 (she/her, 2nd Year Interdisciplinary Futures) - Facebook

[email protected]

Meri is originally from Finland but has lived in a bunch of random places in her lifetime. After spending so much of her first year in Bedlam her phone labelled it ”work” on maps, Meri is excited to be this year’s Productions Manager and to help show teams. In addition to the wonderful people in Bedlam, she enjoys finding weird things in the crypt for shows and trying to not admit how cold the building is (her Finnish pride wont allow it).

Fact: A few years ago, Meri was Europe’s #1 on the Subway Surfers leaderboard for 2 weeks.

Technical Managers (joint) - [email protected]

Leon Lee 🪼 (he/him, 4th Year Computer Science and Mathematics) - Facebook

Leon is part of an endangered species - a Bedlamite who is actually from Edinburgh. Getting addicted to technical theatre, Leon wants nothing more than to be stuck in the building more than he already is, and climbing his favourite ladder (the spider).

Fact: Leon’s acting career started and ended with 4 consecutive halfBaked’s, and the world will never see him under the limelight again… unless?

Carys Hrebenar 🍄 (they/them, 3rd Year Archaeology and Social Anthropology) - Facebook

Carys is a secret American in hiding but doesn’t sound it, from the land of sweet tea and biscuits and gravy. They are very passionate about the tech store being tidy, making sure things stay functional, and will cry if a cable run is done badly. Carys loves being up a ladder and has a very specific hierarchy of the ladders within Bedlam (please ask). When not up a ladder, they can be found in one of the many hidden crevices of Bedlam.

Fact: Carys likes to collect different (decorative!) weapons and is slowly amassing a small little armoury, including a sword.

Set Managers (joint) - [email protected]

Freya White 🦆 (she/her, 4th Year Psychology) - Facebook

Freya is from Glasgow. And that’s it. She is much less interesting than her Co-Set Manager. She loves everything wood, screws, and drills, but nothing can compare to her love-hate relationship with the paint cupboard. Freya is looking forward to yet another year of long days in Bedlam and making herself too busy, but this time she kind of has a better excuse.

Fact: Freya once sat next to Paolo Nutini on a plane. She thinks Paolo is very cool.

Azalea Drace 🐳 (she/her, 3rd Year Cognitive Science)

Azalea is from South Africa and the USA (a bit of Zimbabwe too?) but you can call her American if you like to make things simpler. She is one of the Co-Set Managers this year and is thrilled to get to spend all her time in the workshop without the chance of getting locked in/out of Bedlam because she will have keys now!

Fact: Azalea lived on a sailboat for 2 years and Martha won’t stop bringing it up.

Wardrobe Managers (joint) - [email protected]

Nhi Tran 🫦 (she/they, 4th Year English Literature) - Facebook

Nhi was born in Vietnam, but lived in Canada. You can’t ask her where home is because it’s complicated but she feels pretty at home in the Bedlam wardrobe organizing some pantaloons.

Fact: Nhi can tie a cherry stem into a knot using her mouth.

Lisa Kislova 🥀 (she/her, 3rd year Linguistics) - Facebook

Lisa grew up in Russia but she’s not going to steal your stuff and then gaslight you, promise. Lisa is the Wardrobe Manager because she loves spending her time digging through piles of dusty clothes. She can’t wait to bust some more moths and hide from more pigeons!

Fact: Lisa can’t do numbers in English so if you ask her for her phone number you might have to wait 3-5 business days before she can process that.

Social Events Manager - unfilled

[email protected]

Marketing Manager - Jemima Jayne 🐓 (she/her, Graduated in Classics)

[email protected]

Jemima is from Bristol and so feels a strong affinity with pirates and combine harvesters. She is the marketing manager and engagement officer and has sworn an eternal blood oath to Canva. Her favourite thing to do in Bedlam is look at the posters in the cafe and wonder about our ancestors.

Fact: Jemima appeared on CBeebies as a child. She can also read palms (if you ask nicely).

Fringe Venue Manager - Julia Rahn

[email protected]


Subcommittees are smaller groups of members that are responsible for a particular part of running the theatre. Currently, there are six permanent subcommittees.

If you would like to know more about each subcommittee, there are a series of pages dedicated to them on the EUTC Wiki, here.


Ever wanted to dig through a pile of paper and pictures to uncover what secrets the past has? Archives is a group of people all interested in the past of the 150 year old EUTC, the 40 year old Bedlam Theatre, and anything else we find along the way. Contact us at [email protected].

We also run the longest running fully student-run library in Scotland! (Much to the pain of the librarian)

Our team:

Archivist Alba McGowan 🦄
Librarian Yanni Chan 🐁


Ever wanted experience being a system admin? No matter what your experience with computers are we will take you. Bedlam has a server rack which runs many different process to the website, phones, internal media servers, Internet, and even the doorbell. Contact us at [email protected]

IT Systems Administrator Lewis Eggeling 🐢


The Workshops Subcommittee are responsible for creating, and coordinating all our workshops. It’s a great way to bring new members into the society, and a particularly enjoyable and rewarding committee to be part of. [email protected]

Workshops Coordinator Lauryn McGuire 🧚‍♀️


New for 2024, the Facilities Subcommittee is perfect for you if you want to be a large part of developments in the building, and help keep certain areas as pristine as they can be. Plans to begin building a garden, or to decide on a suitable kitchen ordering, can be taken on by this subcommittee, so if you want to make a difference in the building, get involved. If you’d like to join them (or have gardening tips), feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

Facilities Coordinator Lucie Benninghaus 🦫

Welfare Contacts

Our welfare contacts are there to ensure the well-being of everyone in the EUTC. Currently, our welfare contacts are:

General Welfare Contacts India Hunter
Em Leites McPherson
[email protected]
Committee Welfare Contacts Meri Suonenlahti
Fiona Connor
Company Welfare Contacts Alexander Németh [email protected]

Liberation Representatives

Finally, we have our liberation representatives, each responsible for a minority group, who are responsible for ensuring that the EUTC is an inclusive society and addressing concerns about representation in EUTC projects.

Anti-Elitism Rep India Hunter
Disability Rep Lucie Benninghaus
LGBTQ+ Rep Louis Handley & Em Leites McPherson
Ethnic Minorities Rep Nhi Tran & Will Allnutt
Trans and Non-Binary Rep Sarah Moreman
Women’s Rep Ruth Maley