Meet the Committee

The Committee oversees the running of the EUTC and Bedlam Theatre. The Committee consists of positions that run and manage everything from finances, to building maintenance, to shows coordination, to making parties awesome!

If you would like to read about what each committee position is responsible for, there are a series of pages on the EUTC Wiki dedicated to this here.

The 2022/23 EUTC Committee are as follows:

President Mick Zijdel 🦁 [email protected]
Secretary Emily Richards 🐛 [email protected]
Business Manager (finance) Freya Game 🐕 [email protected]
Theatre Manager Lois Zonnenberg 🐧 [email protected]
Front of House Manager Alexander Mohan Morzeria-Davis 🦔 [email protected]
Productions Manager Em Leites McPherson 🦆 [email protected]
Technical Managers (joint) Mallory Smith 🦑
Matias Krook 🐀
[email protected]
Set Manager Emma Stier 🐸 [email protected]
Wardrobe Manager Eleanor Ellis [email protected]
Social Events Manager Catriona McIntyre 🦝 [email protected]
Marketing Manager Izzy Ponsford [email protected]
Venues Coordinator Lewis Eggeling 🐢 [email protected]
Fringe Venue Manager N/A because Bedlam is closed for 2022 Fringe (monitored by Mick Zijdel) [email protected]


Subcommittees are smaller groups of members that are responsible for a particular part of running the theatre. Currently, there are six permanent subcommittees.

If you would like to know more about each subcommittee, there are a series of pages dedicated to them on the EUTC Wiki, here.


Ever wanted to dig through a pile of paper and pictures to uncover what secrets the past has? Archives is a group of people all interested in the past of the 130 year old EUTC, the 40 year old Bedlam Theatre, and anything else we find along the way. Contact us at [email protected].

We also run the longest running fully student-run library in Scotland!

Our team:

Archivist George Manchester
Librarian Em Leites McPherson
Other Members Alexander Mohan Morzeria-Davis
Emma Stier
Lee Harding
Lois Zon
Mick Zijdel


Ever wanted experience being a system admin? No matter what your experience with computers are we will take you. Bedlam has a server rack which runs many different process to the website, phones, internal media servers, Internet, and even the doorbell. Contact us at [email protected]

IT Systems Engineer Alexander Mohan Morzeria-Davis
Other Members Emma Stier
George Manchester
Lewis Eggeling
Lois Zonnenberg
Mick Zijdel


The Workshops Subcommittee are responsible for creating, and coordinating all our workshops. It’s a great way to bring new members into the society, and a particularly enjoyable and rewarding committee to be part of.


The Engagement Subcommittee are all about the membership: if you want to be assisting with bringing new members into the society, and making sure that they feel welcomed, then come and join this group!


This group basically keeps the building alive - negotiating and proposing long term maintenance improvements to the building. Got any ideas? Contact them at [email protected]

Members Alexander Mohan Morzeria-Davis
George Manchester
Lois Zon
Matias Krook
Mick Zijdel


Yes, we sometimes go outside too! The Gardens Subcommittee is perfect for you if you want to ensure that the building’s exterior is kept as pristine as it can be. Gardens is a small subcommittee, but the members certainly make a difference in the building. If you’d like to join them, or have gardening tips, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

Groundskeeper Leon Niven
Other Members Em Leites McPherson
Emily Richards
Emma Stier

Welfare Contacts

Our welfare contacts are there to ensure the well-being of everyone in the EUTC. Currently, our welfare contacts are:

Committee Welfare Contacts Mick Zijdel
Catriona McIntyre
[email protected]
[email protected]
Company Welfare Contact Phoebe Kellogg [email protected]

Liberation Representatives

Finally, we have our liberation representatives, each responsible for a minority group, who are responsible for ensuring that the EUTC is an inclusive society and addressing concerns about representation in EUTC projects.

Anti-Elitism Rep Unfilled
Disability Rep Isla Jamieson-Mackenzie
LGBTQ+ Rep Em Leites McPherson
Ethnic Minorities Rep Unfilled
Trans and Non-Binary Rep Lee Harding
Women’s Rep Marie Rimolsrønning