Getting Membership

1) Buying On The EUSA Website

Getting this membership means you can vote at our general meetings, and you get discounts to see our shows!

To get membership, please buy it from the EUSA website. Make sure that you are signed in before buying.

If you have any issues, please email the Secretary at [email protected]

2) Activating Your Website Account

You need to activate your website account in order to access show proposals and to sign up for staffing.

To activate your account, please email the Secretary at [email protected]. Simply ask for activation, and you should be good.

You will receive an email with a link to a form to activate your account. Just fill out the form and press submit.

3) Covid Training

Bedlam is currently closed to the public due to covid, but has a capacity of 10 for members. To be allowed to enter the building, you have to complete the online covid training.

Once you have activated your website account, you can complete the 5-minute covid training at Log in by pressing the gray button saying “Bedlam Website Login”. After you have done this, you will receive an activation email. Click the activation link to go back to the training website. You may need to log in again.

Once you have done this training, you are allowed to enter Bedlam!