EUTC Week 3 - Proposals, Play in a Day, halfBaked, The Silver Thread, Get Involved!

Tuesday 04 October 2022 at 12:11 by Mick Zijdel

Hi Bedlamites!

That’s the first two weeks gone! We had a blast during Freshers’ Plays, and we’re now getting stuck in our schedule of shows! Read on for an extensive list on how to get involved and to read about the shows you can come see!

If you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to reply to this email or send me a message on Facebook.

Mick Zijdel (EUTC President)

- Proposals Open
- Opportunity: Play in a Day
- Performance: The Silver Thread
- Opportunity: halfBaked
- Getting Involved!
- Performance: The Improverts
- Maintenance and DM Training

Proposals Open!

Hi, proposals are open for the next round of proposals at the General Meeting in week 5. Currently available are:
- Week 9: Teatime slot (Lunchtimes were renamed)
- Week 10: Freshers’ Slots. max 60 minute shows with production teams completely consisting of new members of the society.
- Week 11: Panto slot (like a mainterm, but a panto)
- Supplementaries (whenever they can fit in around the prearranged programme)
- Give it a Go Week Team (week 1 Semester 2)

The submission deadline is Monday 10th October at 18:00. You can just submit a blank proposal before this date, but it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you fill in the form even a little bit so you can receive feedback before the GM.

It is also necessary to talk to the Business Manager Freya Game ([email protected]) as soon as possible, before the submission deadline, as your budget will need to be approved by her before going to the GM. She can help you with your budget if you do not know how to get started.

Any questions about the process, feel free to either message Em Leites McPherson on FB or email them on [email protected]. There is also this handy guide:

Proposals on the website - General Proposals (FB event) - Freshers’ Slots Proposals (FB event)

Opportunity: Play in a Day

Been wanting to audition/direct a show but can’t commit to a production schedule that is weeks long? Been wanting to write a play for ages but can never find the time? Or maybe you want more tech experience? Fear not! We have the solution!

The Edinburgh University Theatre Company Presents: “Play in a Day”!

This project is exactly what it sounds like! We invite writers, directors, actors and techies to join us in Bedlam Theatre at 17:00 on Friday, October 7th. Groups will then be allocated with some admin-magic and you will come up with a play! Writers will write a short play overnight and actors and directors will return in the morning to begin the rehearsal process. Sounds like fun? We think so too!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Freya Game (Co-Producer), Mick Zijdel (Co–Producer) or Liz Dokukina (Creative Director)

Sign up here

The performance is on Saturday 8 October at 8pm in Bedlam Theatre. Come watch to see what your fellow Bedlamites have created!

Tickets: 4/3/2 pounds. Buy them here

Performance: The Silver Thread - Thursday 6 October

Ailsa Dixon weaves the personal, fantastical, and historical into a tapestry of tales that explores the mythologies and magic surrounding the North Sea.

Growing up in coastal Aberdeenshire with parents from across the water, Ailsa has always felt her roots lay beneath the waves rather than in the Buchan soil. Fascinated by the way the North Sea has connected, inspired, and sustained communities across centuries, she uses traditional storytelling and music to tell an individual yet universal narrative. Her own personal story echoes and mirrors that of Scotland’s, as legends from Norway, the Netherlands, Orkney, and Aberdeenshire collide with real historical adventures, bringing out themes of place, identity, and family.

In an evening of magical storytelling Ailsa celebrates a sea which connects, rather than divides us. Tickets: 8/5/4 pounds Buy them here

Opportunity: halfBaked

halfBaked is looking for actors and directors for our first performance on the 14th of October at 20:30. halfBaked produces shows without auditions, all casting is gender-neutral with the only relevant information being how many lines you are willing to learn, with roles of all varieties. Short time commitment and a chance to be on stage again! Fill out the form here!

Getting Involved

If the above opportunities aren’t quite enough yet, I just want to give you a quick rundown of ways to get involved:
#### Acting -Improverts Improv Acting workshop every Saturday 12:00 to 14:00 in Bedlam Theatre! Facebook Group
-Play in a Day (see above)
- halfBaked (see above)
- Wait for the next round of our auditions after the General Meeting in week 5.
- Wait for our friends at Theatre Paradok to open auditions this week!

Tech and Backstage

  • Improverts Tech Workshop every Friday at 9pm in Bedlam. Tech the show after! Check out the Facebook Group for more info.
  • Look out for call-outs for tech and backstage assistants or team members in Bedlam Techies! and Bedlam Theatre {EUTC} 2022/2023.
  • Play in a Day (see above)
  • Starting in the weekend of week 4 we will start with open get-ins as well where everyone (no experience needed) can help build the set and rig the lights.
  • If you are interested in helping sort the wardrobe, get in touch with Wardrobe Manager Eleanor Ellis about Mothbusters


Other Production Team Roles (Directing, Producing, etc)

Performance: The Improverts

Edinburgh’s longest running improv troupe are back for another year! After a successful run at the 2022 Fringe and a great year performing at Assembly Roxy, the Imps can’t wait to get back on stage and have some fun back in Bedlam. Join them every Friday at 22:30 for an hour of short form improv, as always based entirely on audience suggestions.

With new players and new games, shows are always different, always funny! We can’t wait for you to come and have a laugh with The Improverts and celebrate another year of critically acclaimed improv!

Tickets: 8/5/4 pounds. Buy them here.

Maintenance and DM Training

This Sunday 12:00 to 14:00 we do Maintenance where tidy up the building and do small building improvements. Everyone is welcome to help, and we will provide you with snacks and a good playlist.

After Maintenance at 14:00 to 14:30 we have Duty Management (DM) Training. We will teach you how to run the building during a show, open the building, lock up the building, and what to do in case of a fire. There always needs to be at least one DM trained person present when the building is in use, so being DM Trained is very helpful for Production Team members, or if you are just interested in seeing how it works.

Stay In Touch

Apart from this newsletter, we are on a lot of other social media. Find and follow us using the links below to stay even more up-to-date! Instagram - Facebook Page - Facebook Group for Everyone Interested - Mailing List - EUSA Website (to buy membership)

Facebook Groups: Bedlam Techies! - Bedlam Directors - Bedlam Writers - Costumers at Bedlam and Beyond

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