Week 12 - New Committee, GM, Queer Life Celebration

Tuesday 11 April 2023 at 00:00 by Em Leites McPherson

Hi Bedlamites!

This is my first EUTC Newsletter - how fun and exciting!

This week, we will be having the first GM of the new theatre season on Wednesday 12th and a super exciting event on Saturday 15th, celebrating queer life and raising money for Ovacome: Ovarian Cancer Charity!

If you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to reply to this email or send myself or Freya Game a message on Facebook.

Emily Richards
(one of the new EUTC Presidents)

New Bedlam Committee

1st of April marked the handing over of the Bedlam committee to the newly elected group for 2023/24. We are all more than ready to create a new year of wonderful theatre and cannot wait to get stuck in!

If you would like to contact any of us, please take a look at the committee page on the website for our details.


Our first GM of the 2023/24 season is happening this week, Wednesday 12th at 14:30 in Bedlam Auditorium.

This GM is your chance to have a say on which shows will happen in Bedlam during semester 1. We will be voting on 2 Mainterm slots, 2 Teatime slots the weekly Improv slot and Supplementaries. Additionally, we will be voting on the teams who will be welcoming in the new Bedlamites during Welcome Week and Freshers Plays next year!

If you cannot attend and would like someone to vote on your behalf, please email our secretary India ([email protected]) with your name and the name of your proxy voter.


Join us for a charity fundraiser in support of Ovacome Ovarian Cancer Charity on Saturday 15th, starting @ 20:00. Poets, authors, and artists of all media are invited to sign up to share work celebrating queer joy! An evening in honour of a dear friend of our organiser and the queer community at large (pictured on our poster at a section 28 rally!)

Acoustic musical performances are also possible, but keep in mind we’ll only have 2 mics available, although performers can bring their own amps or any other equipment! Please email Chloe ([email protected]) with any questions about performing, or fill out the form to sign up! (https://forms.gle/5yMVz9P2AzEmK23U7) If you’re not a performer, come by for a cozy evening in Bedlam Theatre!


At the AGM in March everyone had the opportunity to vote for people that they felt deserve to be given Lifetime Membership to the EUTC. These people are the ones who are believed to have gone ‘above and beyond’, leaving behind a lasting impact on the building, members, audiences or overall society.

If you feel that there is someone deserving of this that does not already have it, please feel free to nominate them for the next GM. You will need to create a document outlining the reasons why they deserve lifetime membership and have 20 signatures on said document by the GM. This can then be emailed to myself and Freya ([email protected]).

Winners from the previous AGM:
Mick Zijdel
George Manchester
Liz Dokukina
Eleanor Ellis
Bella Taylor
Sophie Lee
Rose Roberts
Lois Zon
Izzy Ponsford


Every Sunday 12:00 to 14:00 we do Maintenance where tidy up the building and do small building improvements. Everyone is welcome to help, and we will provide you with snacks and a good playlist.

If you have worked on a show, you need to come to Maintenance to tidy up after your show#. If you do not, you will go into Maintenance Debt. You can clear this by coming to another Maintenance Session or talking to Lewis Eggeling (Theatre Manager). Similarly, you will have to staff a show (or two if you did a mainterm) in exchange for other members staffing your show. You can sign up at bedlamtheatre.co.uk/admin/staffings. If you have any questions, please contact Luca Stier at [email protected]

After Maintenance at 14:00 to 14:30 we have Duty Management (DM) Training. We will teach you how to run the building during a show, open the building, lock up the building, and what to do in case of a fire. There always needs to be at least one DM trained person present when the building is in use, so being DM Trained is very helpful for Production Team members!


Apart from this newsletter, we are on a lot of other social media. Find and follow us using the links below to stay even more up-to-date!


Freya and I want to keep the tradition of the wonderful ‘Weekly Mick’s’ but of course we cannot possibly step on Mick’s toes and recommend music. Instead, we are going to recommend something that we know best… coffee shops.

So this week’s caffeination recommendation is ‘Thomas J Walls’, found just across the road from Bedlam!

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