Week 16 - The Bunker Diary and Imps Exam Shows

Thursday 11 May 2023 at 00:00 by Em Leites McPherson

EUTC - Week 16

Hello Bedlamites!

Apologies for another late newsletter! Essay writing has taken over my life!

This week’s newsletter includes the shows that we have this week: The Bunker Diary and the Imps Exam Shows. I also have some information and sign up link to Bedlam Fringe management jobs!

If you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or to reach out to us on Facebook.

Emily & Freya (EUTC Co-Presidents)


The Bunker Diary will be performed in Bedlam on the 10th and 12th May at 19:30!

Book by Kevin Brooks, play adaptation by Juliet Gray

People are really quite simple, and they have simple needs. Food, water, light, space, privacy. Maybe a small measure of dignity. A bit of freedom. What happens when someone simply takes all that away?

Six people, all from different backgrounds mysteriously find themselves in an underground bunker where there are no windows and no way to escape but the elevator that brought them there. The book is the diary that the main character, Linus Weems, keeps in his time trapped in the bunker. In his diary, we witness the arrival of the other “inmates”, their struggles and their fight to figure out where they are and most importantly- to escape.


The last chance to catch the Imps before Fringe! The Improverts will be performing in Bedlam on the 10th and 12th May at 22:30.

Come along for a much needed distraction from the exam season. Always different, always funny!


Applications for Bedlam Fringe management positions will remain open until Sunday 14 May at 6pm.

More info at bedlamfringe.co.uk/join-us

Apply on time if you are interested in working at Bedlam over Fringe in it’s first year back! If you’re interested in working behind the bar, you can apply directly for the Festival Food and Beverage Team Member role through the Edinburgh University Students Association here.

Please flag on your application that you are interested in working at Bedlam Fringe and send an email to [email protected] to let us know as well.

Any questions, feel free to message Mick Zijdel on Facebook!


Every Sunday 12:00 to 14;00 we do Maintenance where we tidy up the building and so small building improvements. everyone is welcome to help, we provide you with snacks and a good playlist.

If you have worked on a show you need to come to maintenance to tidy up after your show. If you do not, you will go into Maintenance Debt. You can clear this by coming to another Maintenance Session or talking to Lewis Eggeling (Theatre Manager). Similarly you will need to staff a show (or two if you did a mainterm) in exchange for other members staffing your show. You can sign up via

If you have any questions please contact Luca Stier at [email protected]


After Maintenance we have Duty Management (DM) training from 14:00 to 14:30. During this time, we will teach you how to run the building during a show, open and lock up the building, and what to do in case of a fire. Theatre always needs to be at least one DM trained person present when the building is in use, so being DM trained is very helpful for Production Team members!


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This week’s caffeination recommendation comes from Emily and it is Room & Rumours Coffee. They do the best donuts in Edinburgh, I promise.

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