Week 4 - Albion, Candlewasters, halfBaked, Fresher's Slots Signups

Wednesday 11 October 2023 at 14:26 by Luca Stier


Sorry it has been a while since our last newsletter, but we are back with our weekly updates.

In this newsletter you will find tickets to this week’s show, Albion, as well as the Improverts’ Friday show and HalfBaked’s first performance. We also have tickets for next week’s Candlewasters showcase.

There is also a signup form for Fresher’s Slots proposals!

Freya and Emily (EUTC Presidents)


Loss and longing haunt this state-of-the-nation play which focuses on a mother mourning her son by returning to her childhood home in the hope of restoring the former glory of its beautiful garden, Albion.

This Chekovian-inspired drama presents the decline of the romanticised ideal of our nation, through the central figure of Audrey, who loses everything in her attempt to restore the past. How much is she willing to sacrifice to honour the dead? Her daughter? Her husband? Her oldest friend? Her son’s partner? The entire village?

Tickets: https://www.bedlamtheatre.co.u…


Two showcases, twelve actors, six directors, twelve original plays, and the home of original writing at Edinburgh University - Candlewasters is back for its 20th anniversary!

Tickets: https://www.bedlamtheatre.co.u…


A halfBaked production of Sherlock Holmes’ most ginger adventure…yet! Join us to witness the confounding tale of the mysterious Red-Headed League.

In true halfBaked style, not all performers will be off book, and there will be (fully) baked goods provided with every ticket, so BYOB, and join us for a reasonably good time!

Adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story by Leon Niven

Tickets: https://www.bedlamtheatre.co.u…


Edinburgh’s longest running improv troupe are back for another year! After selling out over the 2023 Fringe, the Imps cannot wait to get back to term-time fun onstage. Join them every Friday for an hour of short form improv, based entirely on audience suggestions. New players and new games mean that shows are always different, always funny!

We can’t wait for you to come and have a laugh with The Improverts and celebrate another year of critically acclaimed improv!

Tickets: https://www.bedlamtheatre.co.u…


We have an exciting opportunity for a team of Freshers to put on a show in Week 10. This is perfect for those who have never done a Bedlam show as you will have guidance from myself and committee throughout the process.

All you need to do is find a team and fill out this form by Monday 16th October!



Every Sunday 12:00 to 14:00 we do Maintenance where we tidy up the building and make some small building improvements. Everyone is welcome to help, we provide you with snacks and a good playlist.

If you have worked on a show you need to come to maintenance to tidy up after your show. If you do not, you will go into Maintenance Debt. You can clear this by coming to another Maintenance Session or talking to Lewis Eggeling (Theatre Manager). Similarly you will need to staff a show (or two if you did a mainterm) in exchange for other members staffing your show. You can sign up at


If you have any questions please contact Luca Stier at [email protected]


After Maintenance we have Duty Management (DM) training from 11:30 to 12:00. During this time, we will teach you how to run the building during a show, open and lock up the building, and what to do in case of a fire. Theatre always needs to be at least one DM trained person present when the building is in use, so being DM trained is very helpful for Production Team members!


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