Innovative Learning Week 2013 - How We Teach Ourselves Theatre

by Celia Dugua

As part of Edinburgh University’s Innovative Learning Week 2013, join us for a discussion on how we put together our shows, and how we learn about theatre without a drama programme.


Many Bedlamites are first-time theatre makers from all over the world - and we often shows develop in a variety of different styles. A stage manager can range from someone who builds a set to the person in charge of scheduling rehearsals!

We’ve invited in some directors to discuss how they develop their creative visions for shows at Bedlam, and what we learn that can’t be taught in drama schools, in often very experimental forums. Stage and Technical Designers and will illustrate how they put together a show aesthetic - how things work for us compared to how they work in the industry.

As a student company, we thrive on audience feedback, so if you’ve ever seen a show at Bedlam, and would like to tell us how you think we can improve our rehearsal and design process, please come along and share!

Please turn up to the Bedlam side door at 3pm on Wednesday, February 20th.

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