Swinging with Soldiers! Journey's End Fundraiser

Sunday 25 January 2015 at 14:13 by Lauren Mc Lay

It’s 1918, and we’ve won the war! Sailers are kissing nurses, women have the right to vote, and everyone knows how to swing (the dance that is). Town Hall has turned itself into an all-night hub full of drinking cocktails and doing the fox trot. Come celebrate this historic event with the cast of Bedlam’s upcoming production: Journey’s End! Journey’s End takes place during the final stages of WWI and this is a night which promises to feel just like that (a little less war, a little more drink).

On Tuesday we’re collaborating with the Swing Dance Society (with various other entertainment tbc) to spend the night dancing and drinking like it’s 1918. We also encourage you to dress the part, so lower the hems ladies, and invest in some suspenders gentlemen.

This is also great way to come and support the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a cause which a percentage of the ticket proceeds will go towards.

So just come down to City Cafe (the downstairs room) to drink, learn some swing dancing, drink and support Journey’s End on their (very) upcoming production which is taking place 3rd-7th February… and drink!

Tickets £4 on the door.

Date: Tuesday 25th January

Place: City Cafe (downstairs)

Time: 9pm-1am

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