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A couple photos of our new face!

We’re very excited to see a lot of scaffolding come down this afternoon! This is as close to breaking news as we can get, and I was lucky enough to have a camera on me at the time…

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Open Auditions - February 2013

This coming weekend, Bedlam are hosting another set of auditions for shows this semester! We are auditioning from 2-6pm on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February. We use an open audition format meaning you come whenever you want within that time. Absolutely no preparation or experience is required. Just turn up on the day and ring the bell at the side-door to be let in.

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Open Auditions - January 2013

If we’re to believe our team of research analysts, odds are you’re a fresher looking for information on upcoming auditions.

Welcome to Edinburgh, and welcome to Bedlam.

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The History Boys - Alan Bennett Postcard

We were pleased to receive a postcard from the man himself. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to ring in the new term! Pre-production photos to follow later this January…

“It is good of you to ask me to come and see your production of The History Boys, but I don’t think I can as I’m less zippy than I used to be. I hope though you’ve had - or are having - a good time rehearsing it. It was far and away the happiest play I’ve ever done and nobody treated me like An Old Person which was cheering. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.”

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