This show finished on Monday 27 August 2018, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Friday 03 August - Monday 27 August 2018






William Shakespeare Adapted by Sam Kioni


Exemplifing Shakespeare’s talent for depicting matters of state, the Henriad will offer a strikingly intimate portrait of power which reveals the theatrical dimensions of politics and diplomacy.

This play took place in Greenside Parish Church

“Step into the epic with Shakespeare’s Henriad! Revel in shorter, vibrant re-imaginings of the Bard’s Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V, and see a story of friendship, duty and betrayal. Falstaff and Hal examine their past, stumble through their present and look to their future. Comedy and tragedy weave into a spectacular tapestry of four plays over four performances, providing a one-stop shop for your Shakespeare fix. Long live the storytellers! A collaborative effort between students from the universities of Manchester, Edinburgh and Warwick, Festivus is proud to present Henriad – Histories of Betrayal!

The show will contain some strobe lighting. Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue” link

Cast and Crew

Caitlin Powell
Carmen Marcon
Stage Manager
Peter Morrison
Technical Manager
Sophie Sood
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