Christopher Sladdin

Christopher is from North Yorkshire but has spent the last fifteen years living in Frankfurt, Germany. He is currently working towards his MA (Hons) in Business and Accounting at the University of Edinburgh and has a passion for music, theatre, journalism and (perhaps not surprisingly) accounting.

Christopher has spent the past three summers working in the Financial Accounting, IT Business Management and Marketing & Development departments of the University of Edinburgh, PwC Deutschland and Frankfurt International School respectively. Christopher’s work often focuses on design for print and digital media and on developing strategies for social networking within education.

Christopher was the Society Secretary for the Edinburgh University Theatre Company and producer of the company’s resident improv comedy troupe, The Improverts in the 2013/14 academic year. In January 2014, Christopher formed Gin & Tonic Productions Limited, a new touring theatre company, with Henry Conklin and Elske Waite.

On the off chance that he gets to pursue them, Christopher’s hobbies include landscape photography, playing the piano, singing choral music, travelling and writing opinion articles on his blog.