Ted Ackery


"All My Sons" by Arthur Miller

Thursday 28 April - Saturday 30 April 2022

Joe and Kate’s American life had served them well, with J.O Keller business landing the American dream at their door....

Position: Actor

"Fire Signs" by Lana Stone

Wednesday 03 August - Monday 15 August 2022

‘No, she’s not my sister. Unless you’re speaking astrologically.’ Second year is going to be Bobbie and Emma’s year....

Position: Actor (Derek)

"The Jigsaw" by Zach Thoday

Wednesday 02 November - Thursday 03 November 2022

The truth doesn't rhyme. That would be far too convenient...

Position: Actor (Jacques)

"Translations" by Brian Friel

Wednesday 01 March - Saturday 04 March 2023

Even if I did speak Irish, I’d always be considered an outsider here, wouldn’t I?

Position: Actor (Captain Lancey)

"The Booth" by Otis Kelly

Wednesday 02 August - Sunday 13 August 2023

Step into the sound studio and witness the mysterious world of radio theatre in this comedy/thriller. Our story cent...

Position: Actor / Welfare contact

"Albion" by Mike Bartlett

Wednesday 11 October - Saturday 14 October 2023

Loss and longing haunt this state-of-the-nation play which focuses on a mother mourning her son by returning to her c...

Position: Actor (Matthew)

"Mother Clap's Molly House" by Mark Ravenhill

Wednesday 13 March - Saturday 16 March 2024

It’s London 1726, and Mrs. Tull’s got problems. The whores are giving her a hard time, a man in a dress is looking fo...

Position: Actor (Princess Seraphina)