This workshop finished on Sunday 07 March 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 07 March 2021


Over the Air




Elissa Webb


In this workshop we’ll explore how to talk about/think about/perceive light, using examples from theatre, art, and daily life.
If you’re a designer or director, this will be especially good for learning how to communicate about lighting in a coherent and constructive way!
No technical experience is necessary, but if you do have do have technical/design experience there will still be loads to learn and talk about.

Sorry for the pretentious name, which is fully ripped off of a lighting design course I (Elissa) took in college. To lean into the pretentiousness, I’ll leave you with a quote from the introduction of The Magic of Light, by Jean Rosenthal, an early pioneer of lighting design, which inspired much of this workshop: “How [Jean] thought about light seems to me to have a value for anybody…I found that I was gaining a new awareness, a conscious awareness of light, which had nothing to do with ‘how to.’ And there is nothing more exciting than an expansion of one’s personal consciousness.” – Lael Wertenbaker

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Elissa Webb
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