This show finished on Saturday 31 October 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 27 October - Saturday 31 October 2015


Bedlam Theatre




David Campton


Welcome to the Cage. Six prisoners reside isolated in their own thoughts and co-exist in a delicate harmony, until their peace is shattered by the Wild One.

Captured and cast into the cage, she tries to escape, but in doing so she threatens everything the cagebirds believe in.

David Campton’s beloved play is brought to life in a new production by he EUTC that blends absurdism, choreography and dark humour in a tale of the dangers of mob mentality and the price of free will.

Cast and Crew

Assistant Director
Abigail La Liberte
Assistant Producer
Joseph McAulay
Assistant Producer
Catriona Oliver
Assistant Tech Manger
Yoon Joo Kim
Marina Johnson
Lights op.
Kyle Cooke
Alvaro Gallego
Props Master
Anna Zhigareva
Danya Bradley Barnes
Danya Bradley Barnes
Set Assistant
Sarah Brown
Set Manager
Perry Nimtrakul
Sound Designer
Alex Greenwald
Sound op.
Jemma McClelland
Stage Manager
Alex Dillon
Technical Manager
Katherine Bull
The Constant Twittering
Jennifer Jones
The Great Guzzle
Agnes Kenig
The Long-Tounged Gossip
Esme Allman
The Medicated Gloom
Poppy McAlister
The Mirror-Eyed Gazer
Louisa Doyle
The Wild One
Sandra Hoegl
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