This show finished on Thursday 22 January 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Thursday 22 January 2015


Bedlam Theatre





Part of Bedfest 2015


Eight actors will be given 24 hours to prepare for an audition in front of an audience and a panel of judges. The four highest scorers will enter a “Lightning Round” to determine who is the ultimate auditioner. Easy, right? The only catch: these are no ordinary audition pieces. These are the pieces which make actors’ blood curdle; these are the pieces which test the very fibre of one’s acting talent; for these are the AUDITIONS FROM HELL. Maybe you have to deliver a poem in a language you’ve never heard of before. Maybe you will be asked to deliver a speech without using any consonants. Perhaps you will even be asked to do a monologue without saying a word. The possibilities are as terrifying as they are infinite. All participants will be fully briefed as to what they are getting themselves into, and any humiliation they endure will be both voluntary and in the name of theatre. The judges will consist of the Productions Manager Ian Culleton, an esteemed committee member, and a CELEBRITY GUEST JUDGE. The show will be hosted by the seasoned actor and audition veteran Adam Butler.

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Adam Butler
Ian Culleton
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