This show finished on Thursday 16 February 2017, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 15 February - Thursday 16 February 2017


Bedlam Theatre




Rob Younger


Prague 1926: Six Czechs and a German walk into a flat… The world is in constant upheaval and nothing is certain. It’s a late spring evening when we see a director, producer, porter, actress, gambler and a pair of students gather together in a Prague apartment to discuss (among other things) life, the Great War, Shakespeare, particle physics and, of course, alcohol.

Some of the people know each other, some don’t. Some experienced the war firsthand, others didn’t. Some will admit they’re unhappy, others won’t.

Yet whether or not they like it they can’t hide from the world outside.

Cut Once is an original piece of writing by Rob Younger which seeks to explore what it’s like for ordinary people to live through extraordinary change

Cast and Crew

Assistant Director
Amy McMonagle
Louis Caro
Anna Yuan
Publicity/Poster Design
Aliza Hoover
Stage Manager
Eilidh McSherry
Technical Manager
Megan Henry
Rob Younger
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