This show finished on Saturday 18 March 2017, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 14 March - Saturday 18 March 2017


Bedlam Theatre




Zinnie Harris


‘What is it about that bloody place?
You, all of you
What the hell is it about all of you?
I let you under my skin
That is what it is
Like thousands of tiny pinpricks’


‘You were the strong one
Is no one ever blaming you,
You did what you had to do
You did what was the right thing.’

It’s the swinging 1960s yet on an island 2000 miles from anywhere life is slow, calm, predictable. Waves lap on the shore, day melts into night, seasons shift and secrets are buried. Yet when their volcano erupts the outside world suddenly comes calling. Greed, corruption and self-reckoning come with it, digging into the foundation of the islanders’ world, pulling it apart.

Bill, Mill, Francis and Rebecca watch as their civilisation plummets into crisis and long-ignored skeletons come to life.

Further the Furthest Thing is a modern day folk tale of capitalism and modernity, landscape and culture.

Mill - Tiffany Garnham

Bill - Oscar Gilbert

Francis - Rufus Love

Rebecca - Anna Swinton

Mr Hansen - Harry Richards

Cast and Crew

Aggie Dolan
Jess Haygarth
Rufus Love
Lighting Designer
Alex Greenwald
Lighting Operator and Projection
Huw Jones
Mill Lavarello
Tiffany Garnham
Mr. Hansen
Harry Richards
Tabitha James
Alvaro Gallego
Set Designer
Danya Bradley Barnes
Set Manager
Natasha Moody
Sound Designer
Boris Kostadinov
Stage Manager
Maria Khadari
Technical Manager
Rui Zhang
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