This show finished on Thursday 28 March 2024, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Lanval's Lay (or, King Arthur and the Side Quest)

A hArthurian legend


Thursday 28 March 2024


Bedlam Theatre


£2/3/4 + £1 booking fee on the door


Leon Niven & Em Leites McPherson


halfBaked 2023/2024


halfBaked takes on the Arthurian mythos in this adaptation of Marie de France’s Lai de Lanval.

This slaptick romance exaggerates the queer tale of a disenchanted knight and his fairy Queen. King Arthur won’t know what’s hit him as his knights run rampant with love, lust, and getting Lai-d. Also… tandem bikes?

Thursday March 28, 22:30 - 23:45

Cast and Crew


Actor (Fairy Queen/Fary Maidens) Madalena Morris

Actor (Galahad) Eleanor Kinninmonth

Actor (Gawain) Lucien Ngai

Actor (King Arthur) Victoria Ge

Actor (Lamorak) Tatiana Kacmarska

Actor (Lanval) Isabella Olsen-Barone

Actor (Merlin/Page/Maiden) Kayla Elnora Jones-Barbee

Actor (Sir Cumference/Baron Peebles) Alexander Németh

Actor (Sir Pent) Nicolas Nemoliaev

Assistant Producer / Pastry Chef Alice Sikora

Director Moses Brzeski-Reilly

Producer Leon Niven

Stage Assistant Louis Taylor

Stage Assistant rachel gibb

Stage Manager Jack Read

Tech Assistant Lucie Benninghaus

Tech Assistant Alba McGowan

Tech Assistant olivia dale

Tech Manager Leon Lee

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