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Friday 13 May 2022


Bedlam Theatre




The Improverts


TL; DR: Come watch the Improverts perform in Bedlam tomorrow!
Hi everyone,
Exciting news! Bedlam’s capacity is going to increase! This means we can have rehearsals, workshops, and socials with more people (still figuring out the exact amount), but we are not yet allowed to open for the public.
However, with permission from the university, we are running a test event Friday (TOMORROW) evening, which will be two FREE members-only BYOB performances by the Improverts for an audience of 40. If this test event goes well, we can increase the capacity even more, and maybe even fully reopen!
This is the most exciting news we have had in a very long time, and I hope you are as happy as we are! However, the renovations will still be necessary, but hopefully this will allow us to at least use Bedlam normally until the actual building work starts.
Get your tickets for the test event here:
Performance 1 (21:00 - 21:50):…
Performance 2: (22:10 - 23:00):…
You can get tickets for either performance, or for both. At 50 minutes each they’re shorter than normal, and every Improverts show is different, so you will definitely be entertained. I hope to see loads of you there for our first actual shows for an audience in 26 months!
Please make sure to only get tickets if you are absolutely sure you can come, and cancel your tickets if something prevents you from coming! If we do not have enough audience members the test will not be valid.

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