This show finished on Saturday 23 January 2016, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 20 January - Saturday 23 January 2016


Bedlam Theatre




Lorna Treen

Part of Bedfest 2016


Are you ready kids?! Join your pals Sasha and Remy as they explore with you the wonderful world of Jam Sandwich! A brand new, never before seen children’s television show stuffed full of shapes, animals, colours and things that go zzzzapp! Ask your parents for a box of juice, grab a crustless sandwich, and turn on the tele box! However not all is as it seems…

Inspired by the likes of Trygve Wakenshaw, Sam Wills (The Boy with Tape on His Face) and Helen Duff, Jam Sandwich brings a fresh and dynamic look at clowining. Influences of mime, Commedia dell’arte and turn of the century physical theatre give rise to a show stuffed full of side-splitting comedy.

If you like Jam Sandwich come a little earlier and try out our Short Introduction to Commedia dell’Arte.

Cast and Crew

Jonathan Oldfield
Lorna Treen
Evi Hall
Technical Manager
Ciara Milligan
Technical Manager
Laura McGugan
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