This show finished on Saturday 16 September 2017, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Saturday 09 September - Saturday 16 September 2017


Bedlam Theatre





Part of Fresher's Week 2017


‘Mulholland & Redmond In…’ is a series of new comedy plays by Patrick Mulholland and Scott Redmond.

Expect high concept silliness as we follow the misadventures of Mulholland & Redmond - two incompetent airmen who crash land in a series of increasingly absurd locations.

This instalment is a best of, combining material from all 2017 ‘Mulholland & Redmond In…’ shows, including ‘2001: A Comeback Special’ and ‘Pop-Culture Hell’.

Nice things people have said about Pat and Scott:

‘Redmond combines a teen’s sense of fun with a well-tapped vein of intellect’ - The List ‘Innovative, original and very, very funny’ - Yesbar Virgins ‘There’s a neat absurdity and touch of anarchy to his material as well as a gleeful playfulness’ - The List ‘The funniest poet since Percy Shelly worked with Monty Python’- Edinburgh Horror Festival

‘Well-conceived and unique… Mulholland is one to watch’ ** - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine ‘An impressive collection of silly hats and even sillier accents’ - Ed Fringe Review ‘Whip-smart and unconventional, this starts strange & only gets weirder’ - Fringe Monkey

Praise for Mulholland & Redmond:

‘Top political comedians’ -Glasgow Live ‘Comedy’- Edinburgh Evening News

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Patrick Mulholland
Scott Redmond
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