This show finished on Wednesday 22 January 2014, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 22 January 2014


Bedlam Theatre




"Will Naameh and Andy Edwards"

Part of Bedfest 2014


All of human history has been building up to this one epic moment.

“One Man, One Multipack” is one man eating an entire multipack of crisps for an hour.

“One Man, One Multipack” is an experimental comedy show with a difference (crisps).

In 60 minutes of salty adventure, the entire nature of the human condition will be challenged.

There may also be free crisps.

There may also be several intertwining sub-plots exploring life, love, death, human sexuality and crisps.

What will the flavour be? You decide.

One thing’s for certain though…

Drinking and heckling is highly encouraged.

“Crisps, Crisps, Crisps, Crisps, Crisps” Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention

“Peel back the fabric of reality, and all you get is more crisps” Brian Cox

“Bedlam is cold” The Student

“If you only see one show this year, make sure you check out the Lion King at the Edinburgh Playhouse” Michael Billington


• May contain traces of crisps • Contains sexually explicit crisps • Crisps are non-refundable • A show by crisps, for crisps • Theatre: like going to the cinema, but worse • Stop reading this and go eat some crisps


Cast and Crew

Crisp Manager
Carolyn Doyle
One Man
Will Naameh
Other Man
Andy Edwards
Tech Op
Julia Brown
Technical Manager
Alex Fernandes
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