This show finished on Saturday 08 October 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Play in a Day


Friday 07 October - Saturday 08 October 2022


Bedlam Theatre


£2/3/4 + fees




Every aspect of putting on a play, crammed into one day. That’s it really. Writers will write overnight, and the day will be used for rehearsals.

Group 1: Radio Silence, by Jude Rogers and Jane Simmons
Group 2: Roomies, by Ama Ofosu
Group 3: Quack, by Rorke Eloff Wilson
Group 4: Jeremy, by Anna Yarwood
Group 5: ?, by Molly McCaig

Cast and Crew


Actor Julia Bahadrian

Co-Producer Freya Game

Co-Producer Mick Zijdel

Creative Director Liz Dokukina

Group 1 (Actor (Tracy/Sam)) Chenyi Lin

Group 1 (Director) David Jay

Group 1 (Writer) Jane Simmons

Group 1 (Writer) / Group 4 (Actor (Jeremy)) Jude Rogers

Group 2 (Actor) Margaret Ma

Group 2 (Director) Lauren Green

Group 2 (Writer) Ama Ofosu

Group 3 (Actor) Bryony Agar

Group 3 (Director) Alexander Tait

Group 3 (Writer) Rorke Wilson

Group 4 (Actor) Karolina Pavlikova

Group 4 (Director) Jack Greengross

Group 4 (Director) Callum Bird-Neilson

Group 4 (Writer) Anna Yarwood

Group 5 (Actor) Flora Gilchrist

Group 5 (Actor) Lish Keir

Group 5 (Director) Isla McLellan

Group 5 (Writer) Molly McCaig

Stage Manager Bea Healy

Tech Assistant Atalanta Lewis

Tech Assistant Rachel Smyth

Tech Assistant Fotis Lambrou

Tech Assistant Jerry Li

Tech Manager Matias Krook

Tech Manager Alex Mohan Morzeria-Davis

Writing Consultant Liz Dooley



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