This show finished on Friday 31 July 1964, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Monday 01 June - Friday 31 July 1964






Oliver Goldsmith


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Our 4th Highland Tour!

Cast and Crew

Actor (Hastings)
Keith Phillipps
Actor (Landlord/Diggory)
Kenneth Langdon
Actor (Maid) / Publicity Assistant
Sara Kidd
Actor (Marlow) Tour Manager
Tom Hutton
Actor (Miss Hardcastle)
Vivienne Jones
Actor (Miss Neville)
Wendy Green
Actor (Mr Hardcastle / Publicity Manager)
Richard Humphreys
Actor (Mrs Hardcastle)
Suzanna Paice
Actor (Sir Charles Marlow)
Richard Stevens
Actor (Tony Lumpkin)
Philip Daniel
Costume Designer & Maker
Patsy Mair
Costume Maker
Jane Beddard
Lighting Manager
Alan Robinson
Producer / Set Designer / Poster Design
John Martin
Production Secretary
Vivian Lennox
Production Secretary / Costume maker
Sue Jallings
Penny Kidd
Set Building assistant
Pete Farago
Set Decorator
Lucy Mac Kay
Set Decorator
Carol Mac Kewan
Stage Manager / Set Builder
Andrew Tait
Wardrobe / Costume Designer & Maker / Front of House
Gillian Smart


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