Wednesday 21 November




Bedlam Theatre

“I huff.” “I ruff.” “I bluff.” “Twist.” “Bust.” “Check.” “Snap.” “How’s that?” “Not out.” “Double Top.” “Bingo!”

A whodunnit is a whodunnit I hear you say. Alas, not this one. When a dangerous madman is set loose near Muldoon Manor and a stranger appears in their midst - who happens to already be having affairs with the two women of the house - who’s to say what will happen. The two lucky reviewers who happen to be watching the show certainly have no idea.

The second part of our Freshers’ Slots line-up.

The Real Inspector Hound is a fast-paced, fast-witted, not-so-classic whodunnit, written by Tom Stoppard.

Cast and Crew

Erin Bushe
Milo Hynes
Stage Manager
Erin Cary
Technical Manager
Ryan Schuller