This show finished on Tuesday 31 December 1985, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 01 January - Tuesday 31 December 1985


Bedlam Theatre




? Harwood


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“The show was passed by EUTC, but enthusiasm was muted, to say the least. Undaunted, Harwood [The director, who’s brother wrote the show], used cardboard cut-outs to represent the places in the cast left unfilled. Despite this obvious desperation, a decent-sized audience trooped in to see the show. They did not stay long. By the end of this awful production, only two people remained in their seats, one of whom was the director. A ‘Pongid’ came to mean a dreadful show thereafter.” - Jon Webster (More Threads in the Tapestry)

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Tom Harwood
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