This show finished on Thursday 31 March 1960, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 01 April - Thursday 31 March

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Cast and Crew

Patricia Mair
Box Office
Martin Mc Donald
John Airs
Stage Manager
John Rhodes
Carol Sargent
Theatre Manager
Iain B. Adamson
Alan Boyd
George Gallaccio
General St Pe
Philip De Grouchy
Emily, his wife
Eunice Spiers
Gaston, his secretary
Christopher Lucas
Estella, his daughter
Ann Winning
Sidonia, his daughter
Caroline Perks
Doctor Bonfant
Kenton Howard
Mlle. Ghislaine de Ste. Euverte
Joan Abbot
Eugenie, a maid
Margaret Stevens
Mme. Dupont-Fredaine
Jennifer Paul
Father Ambrose
George Foulkes
Pamela, a maid
Diane Murray