This workshop finished on Tuesday 18 January 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 18 January 2022


Bedlam Theatre


Lois Zon


This Tuesday we’re running another Build a Thing! The concept is simple, we put a lot of wood, screws, and tools on stage, and you can build whatever you want! This way you can get familiar with all of the tools we often use here, and learn how to drill, cut wood, and generally assemble things! It’ll be a very chill environment. Last semesters highlights included someone who had carved a horse out of a small block of wood, someone who built a shelf, and playing giant jenga with the blocks lying around.
There is absolutely no previous experience required! However, because of covid stuff, there are some things you will need to do before attending:
1. Buy Bedlam membership (this will be relevant in later steps)
2. Email the secretary ([email protected]) something along the lines of ‘Boo, I’ve bought membership! Can you please activate my membership account?’ This will give you a bedlam-website login.
3. Do (uni-mandated) covid training! Find it at, and use above mentioned login to access it. We can’t allow anyone to enter the building without having done the training (thus why you needed membership)
4. Sign up for this event here:…/staffings/build-a-thing/grid . (again, use your bedlam-website login to access it). This is so we don’t go over capacity :)
If you have any questions at all (about signing up, about what this workshop is, whatever else), shoot me (Lois Zon) a message! I look forward to building stuff with you all!
(a more detailed explanation of step 1-3 can be found at

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