This workshop finished on Saturday 23 January 2016, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Saturday 23 January 2016


Bedlam Theatre



Part of Bedfest 2016


What better way to end the festival than with an evening of hijinks? BedFest 2016 will go out with the Finale of all Finales, pitting young minds against each other in a calamity of knowledge, competition and lolz!

Each show from the festival has put forward one contestant to uphold their honour in an all-out battle of wits! A close-guarded secret, the roster of comedic combatants shall soon be revealed and we will find out which show truly was greatest during the Great BedFest Panel Show Debacle of 2016! Some questions will be based upon the shows themselves, others current affairs. The victors shall be rewarded with a semi-illustrious prize!

Let’s send out (and send up) this boundary-pushing festival with a bang.

Cast and Crew

Jacob Close
Taliah Horner
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