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The Improverts welcome a new member

A massive welcome to The Improverts newest Imp, Pedro Leandro.

Don’t forget that The Improverts are taking this week off to focus on Innovative Learning Week at University of Edinburgh. So if you haven’t managed to catch Pedro in a show yet you’ll need to wait a week.

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Swinging with Soldiers! Journey's End Fundraiser

It’s 1918, and we’ve won the war! Sailers are kissing nurses, women have the right to vote, and everyone knows how to swing (the dance that is). Town Hall has turned itself into an all-night hub full of drinking cocktails and doing the fox trot. Come celebrate this historic event with the cast of Bedlam’s upcoming production: Journey’s End! Journey’s End takes place during the final stages of WWI and this is a night which promises to feel just like that (a little less war, a little more drink).

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Candlewasters: Writing Events

Writers, this Winter is yours.

Cozy up and escape the long winter days while you craft a short script for the next Candlewasters.

Featuring new, original writing from the members of the EUTC, Candlewasters is a great way to get your work out there and see it on the stage. To get you in the writing mood, we have some lovely events lined up for the coming weeks:

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End of Semester One.

00PANTO marks the last show of this semester, we’re now retreating to the library to catch up on some studying before exam season hits. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with a bang in January with Bedlam Festival 2015.

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This Week: Freshers' Slots 2014

This Wednesday, Bedlam Theatre opens its doors for a showcase of new work by its newest members. Starting at 5pm, you can enjoy three hour long plays, finishing at 9pm. Come along, support the work of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company and welcome a new batch of directors, producers, actors, stage managers and technicians to the Bedlam stage. To find out more, and to buy tickets, click here.

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