This show finished on Saturday 28 September 2019, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Freshers Play 2k19

From the Archives!


Wednesday 25 September - Saturday 28 September 2019


Bedlam Theatre




The casts


Fresher’s play is back, and this time we’ve been digging through the archives!

Come down to Bedlam to see 10 short and wacky plays created entirely by our new Bedlam freshers - all with titles previously seen on the Bedlam stage!

Groups 1-5 will be performing at 7:30pm. Groups 6-10 will be performing at 9:00pm.

Wednesday Act 1 Tickets HERE.

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Thursday Act 1 Tickets HERE.

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Friday Act 1 Tickets HERE.

Friday Act 2 Ticket HERE.

Saturday MEMBERS ONLY Full show tickets HERE.

Cast and Crew


Admin / Group 4 Parent Sophie Lee

Director Camilla Makhmudi

FoH Supervisor Jacob Holt

Group 1 Child Xuanye He

Group 1 Child Isabelle Cadwallader

Group 1 Child David Jay

Group 1 Child Lois Zonnenberg

Group 1 Child Ewelina Wiśniewska

Group 1 Parent Olivia Mears-Young

Group 1 Parent Rebecca O’Donoghue

Group 1 Parent Leonie Findlay

Group 1 Parent Ellie-May Forrest

Group 10 Child Beth Keller

Group 10 Child Liz Dokukina

Group 10 Child Alex Ansdell

Group 10 Child Gidi Katz

Group 10 Child Emma Conn

Group 10 Child Franziska Baumeister

Group 10 Parent Eduardo Fahey

Group 10 Parent Sam Teale

Group 2 Child Mick Zijdel

Group 2 Child Freya Gray Stone

Group 2 Child Seraphima Goeldner-Thompson

Group 2 Child Callum Bird-Neilson

Group 2 Child Lily Hextall

Group 2 Child Natasha Kinsman

Group 2 Child Katie Hardwick

Group 2 Child Alex Mohan Morzeria-Davis

Group 2 Parent Rosie Barry

Group 2 Parent Regan Sneddon

Group 2 Parent Patrick Hall

Group 3 Child Aude Naudi-Bonnemaison

Group 3 Child Izu Campbell-Lange

Group 3 Child Ailsa Garbutt

Group 3 Child Sophie Totton

Group 3 Child Haig Lucas

Group 3 Child Freya Buxton

Group 3 Child Saniya Jojan

Group 3 Child Jamie Cushing

Group 3 Parent Isabella Forshaw

Group 3 Parent Benjamin Park

Group 3 Parent Eve Simpson

Group 3 Parent Mia Tuxen

Group 3 Parent Jelena Sofronijevic

Group 3 Parent Sara Cemin

Group 4 Child Kara Robak

Group 4 Child Rose Marin Roberts

Group 4 Child Hollie Avery

Group 4 Child Judith Gottesman

Group 4 Child Elizabeth Kozak

Group 4 Child Patrick White

Group 4 Child Katerina Katabelisi

Group 4 Child Helen Wieland

Group 4 Child Brandon Yim

Group 4 Parent Alice Foley

Group 4 Parent Sophie Bass

Group 4 Parent Alice Huseyinoglu

Group 5 Child Holly Sargent

Group 5 Child Livi Carpenter

Group 5 Child Jacob Henney

Group 5 Child Callum Sutherland

Group 5 Child Jenny Lancaster-Symington

Group 5 Child Hannah Youngblood

Group 5 Child Lene Bierstedt

Group 5 Child Ruby Frazer-Dalby

Group 5 Parent Sophie Roadnight

Group 5 Parent Rupert Waley

Group 5 Parent Ben Fleming

Group 6 Child Adam Ryan

Group 6 Child Rory McKeon

Group 6 Child Evangeline May

Group 6 Child Jeea Bakhshi

Group 6 Child Frances Roberts

Group 6 Child Jasmin Geissen

Group 6 Child Alex Bergengren

Group 6 Child Tom Creswell

Group 6 Parent Nancy Strahan

Group 6 Parent Sabrina Carter

Group 6 Parent Douglas Stephenson

Group 7 Child Cinny Yeh

Group 7 Child Sian Lexmond

Group 7 Child Kate Granholm

Group 7 Child William Boagey

Group 7 Child Lotte Thomas

Group 7 Child Olivia Westh

Group 7 Parent Sam Kinch

Group 7 Parent Avi Chatterjee

Group 7 Parent Charlie Woolley

Group 8 Child Anna Blake

Group 8 Child Matias Krook

Group 8 Child Hazel Chiu

Group 8 Child kian amaan

Group 8 Child Georgia Bennett

Group 8 Child Maria Durackova

Group 8 Child Lucy Roubicek

Group 8 Child Jess Dullingham

Group 8 Parent Mel Bowden

Group 8 Parent Hannah Robinson

Group 8 Parent Megan Lambie

Group 9 Child Catriona McIntyre

Group 9 Child Alison Yu

Group 9 Child Sophia Duckworth

Group 9 Child Kitty Golden

Group 9 Child Alvaro Herrera Seller

Group 9 Parent Max Prentice

Group 9 Parent Kirsten Millar

Group 9 Parent Mica Anderson

Producer Issi Ladd

Production Emma Hunt

Scary Person Marie Gaasø Rimolsrønning

Stage Manager George Manchester

Technical Manager Becky Spiers

Treasurer Harriet Newcombe

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