This show finished on Thursday 02 November 2017, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

The One


Wednesday 01 November - Thursday 02 November 2017


Bedlam Theatre


£4.50 / 5 / 5.50


Vicky Jones


A vivaciously funny, sexy, bleak and angry play by Vicky Jones about a couple trapped in a cycle of love and lust.

Set over the course of a single fiery night in a lounge belonging to Jo and her long-term partner, Harry, it soon becomes clear that they are locked in a relationship based on desire, dependency and dirty games. Into this unstable mix walks Kerry, a colleague of Harry’s, who thinks her partner might have raped her.

‘The One’ explores taboos about gender roles and sexual violence whilst seriously engaging with femininity and feminism in the contemporary world. It is achingly funny and harshly realistic.

Trigger warning: This play is rated 18+ and contains scenes of a sexual nature, discussion of rape, sexual assault and violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Cast and Crew


Director Jane Prinsley

Harry Sam Coade

Jo Cassandra Sawtell

Kerry Sasha Holder

Producer Julia Weingaertner

Stage Manager Aspen Pattinson

Technical Manager Megan Henry

Technical Manager Sophie Sood


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