35mm: A Musical Exhibition

“Hold still and focus for there, is life” - Ryan Scott Oliver


Wednesday 28 February - Saturday 02 March 2024


Bedlam Theatre


£6/7/9 + £1 booking fee on the door


Ryan Scott Oliver


Ryan Scott Oliver’s 35mm: A Musical Exhibition is not a typical musical, photography exhibition or a rock concert, but instead a woven mix of the three. Each photograph, taken by Matthew Murphy, creates an unique song, moment frozen in time; a glimmer of a life unfolding, a glimpse of something happening. A stunning new multimedia musical which explores a groundbreaking new concept in musical theatre: this version is staged in a slick, blood-red purgatory, where performers evaluate the meaning of life and love when faced with death and familiar horror.

Cast and Crew


Actor (The Balladeer) Scarlett Lloyd-Dickinson

Actor (The Idle Boy) Ewan Robertson

Actor (The Lover) Beth Cunningham

Actor (The Photographer) Juliet Gentle

Actor (The Savior) Elham Khosravipour

Assistant Director Lewis Eggeling

Assistant Musical Director Allison Lavercombe

Assitant Musical Director / Co-Sound Engineer Amelia Brenan

Co-Fly Manager Carys Hrebenar

Co-Producer Amy Stinton

Co-Producer / Choreographer Emily Bealer

Co-Sound Engineer Atalanta Lewis

Costume Assistant olivia dale

Costume Designer / Welfare Chloe Lannert

Director Freya Game

Fly Assistant Veronica Yung

Fly Assistant Zara Bathurst

Fly Assistant L Forsyth

Fly Assistant Karolina Pavlikova

Intimacy Director Rebecca Mahar

Lighting Assistant Moses Brzeski-Reilly

Lighting Assitant Hunter King

Lighting Designer / Co-Fly Manager Tom Beazley

Makeup Artist Nhi Tran

Musical Director Falk Meier

Musical Supervisor / Conductor Eric Rogers

Production Manager Mollie MacGregor

Set Assistant Lucie-Charlotte Benninghaus

Set Assistant India Hunter

Set Assistant Louis Taylor

Set Assistant Cate Goldwater Breheny

Set Assistant Fiona Connor

Set Manager Luca Stier

Stage Manager Sarah Moreman

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