Lewis Eggeling

Hi all, Lewis here. I don’t know why you’re having a look at my archive, but you’re here now. So hi!

I guess you want to know stuff about me? So, here’s my history in Bedlam:

Committee Roles:

Venues Co-ordinator (2022-2022)

Theatre Manager (2023-24)

And that’s it.

Welcome to my existence within the theatre, and join me on my mission to achieve every theatre craft in a show before I leave Bedlam:


"Festival of New Theatre in Scotland (FoNTS) " by Various

Monday 14 March - Wednesday 16 March 2022

A new festival celebrating new theatre from our Community

Position: Stage Crew

"All My Sons" by Arthur Miller

Thursday 28 April - Saturday 30 April 2022

Joe and Kate’s American life had served them well, with J.O Keller business landing the American dream at their door....

Position: Lighting Assistant

"Songs IN The Bedlam" by Various

Friday 20 May 2022

Join us this Friday 20 May at 19:30 for an evening of musical performances during Songs in the Bedlam! We will have ...

Position: General Assistant

"Fire Signs" by Lana Stone

Wednesday 03 August - Monday 15 August 2022

‘No, she’s not my sister. Unless you’re speaking astrologically.’ Second year is going to be Bobbie and Emma’s year....

Position: Tech Assistant / Sound Designer

"Improverts Fringe 2022 " by The Players

Friday 05 August - Saturday 27 August 2022

Always different, always funny!

Position: Assistant Tech Manager

"The Improverts Welcome Week 2022" by The Players

Monday 12 September - Friday 16 September 2022

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"Freshers' Plays 2022: BedlamVision" by The Freshers

Wednesday 28 September - Saturday 01 October 2022

Freshers’ plays are back, and it’s Eurovision time! Having had our location used as the venue in the Eurovision movi...

Position: Group 3 Parent (Actor - Curler)

"The Silver thread: Stories from the North Sea" by Ailsa Dixon

Thursday 06 October 2022

Ailsa Dixon weaves the personal, fantastical, and historical into a tapestry of tales that explores the mythologies a...

Position: Producer

halfBaked 2022/2023

Monday 10 October 2022 - Thursday 30 March 2023

halfBaked is an EUTC series of shows with the single aim of just enjoying acting. We don’t do auditions we just take ...

Position: Tech Manager

"Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Friday 14 October 2022

A halfBaked production

Position: Lighting Designer

"The Shape of Things" by Neil LaBute

Wednesday 19 October - Thursday 20 October 2022

Does art, or indeed truth, have any moral limits?

Position: Tech Manager / Lighting Designer

"A Real Scream" by Julia Pancer, Isabella Olsen-Barone, and Sam Waite

Friday 28 October 2022

A halfBaked production

Position: Sound Designer

"Spiderman: Into the Pantoverse" by Em Leites McPherson & Lewis Eggeling

Wednesday 30 November - Saturday 03 December 2022

With great panto comes great responsibility.

Position: Co-Musical Director / Lyricist / Writer

"The Improverts Xmas Shows" by The Players

Wednesday 07 December - Friday 09 December 2022

Edinburgh’s longest-running improv group ‘The Improverts’ are back for TWO EXTRA SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EXAM SHOWS on Wed ...

Position: Tech Manager

"The Nativity! (2022)" by Liz Dooley, Jude Rogers, Rorke Wilson, Alexander Morzeria-Davis, Jane Simmons

Friday 16 December 2022

As the first great Nativity proposal reads: “Why don’t we do a school nativity in Bedlam” “Yes, why don’t we?” “No wa...

Position: Eggnog Brewer (Lyricist)

"The Improverts London Shows 2023" by The Players

Tuesday 10 January - Thursday 12 January 2023

The Improverts, Edinburgh Fringe’s longest running improv comedy show, are heading to London! We’re returning to the ...

Position: Tech Manager

"Give it a Go Week 2023" by The EUTC

Monday 16 January - Friday 20 January 2023

Welcome to Theatre in Edinburgh! You can always get involved, but now is an especially good time as we are hosting a ...

Position: Programmer

"Bedfest 2023" by the EUTC

Monday 23 January - Saturday 28 January 2023

The annual celebration of Bedlam. Open all week midday to midnight

Position: Programming (Workshops)

"halfRead: The Wonderland Report" by Killian Grace MacDonald

Friday 27 January 2023


Position: Sound Designer

"Sherlock Holmes and The Thalassic Room" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Thursday 16 February 2023

A halfBaked production. The end comes to all.

Position: Tech Manager / Lighting Designer

"Translations" by Brian Friel

Wednesday 01 March - Saturday 04 March 2023

Even if I did speak Irish, I’d always be considered an outsider here, wouldn’t I?

Position: Assistant Lighting Designer

"A Halfbaked Heist" by Em Leites McPherson

Friday 10 March 2023

A silly play about baking. Tickets come with cake!

Position: Tech Manager / Lighting Designer

"The Improverts 2022/2023" by The Players

Friday 31 March - Friday 07 April 2023

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"EUSOG Presents: "HMS Pinafore"" by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Tuesday 04 April - Friday 07 April 2023

All aboard H.M.S. Pinafore for a tale of forbidden love, dark secrets and some rather fabulous musical numbers. This...

Position: Lighting Designer

"The Improverts Exam Shows" by The Players

Wednesday 10 May - Friday 12 May 2023

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"THE IMPROVERTS FRINGE 2023" by The Players

Wednesday 02 August - Sunday 27 August 2023

The Improverts are heading back to the Fringe! A well established and well-loved Edinburgh improv classic, it wouldn’...

Position: Tech Manager

"The Improverts Welcome Week Shows" by The Players

Monday 11 September - Friday 15 September 2023

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"Welcome Week 2023" by The EUTC

Monday 11 September - Sunday 17 September 2023

Find all information about workshops, socials, and shows taking place this Welcome Week (as well as throughout the ye...

Position: Venue Manager

"The Improverts 2023/2024" by The Players

Friday 22 September 2023 - Friday 05 April 2024

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"Lysistrata" by Aristophanes, translated by Jemima Jayne

Thursday 16 November - Friday 17 November 2023

A comedy originally by Aristophanes, translated from the Ancient Greek by the director, Lysistrata is a play about a ...

Position: Tech Coordinator

"Monty Panto and the 12-ish Labours" by Miki Ivan & Fiona Connor

Wednesday 29 November - Saturday 02 December 2023

In the beginning was the game, the game was with God, and the game *was* God.

Position: Lyricist (Scientific Supervisor) / Co-Choreographer

"The Improverts Exam Shows!" by The Players

Wednesday 06 December - Friday 08 December 2023

Always different, always funny!

Position: Tech Manager

"35mm: A Musical Exhibition" by Ryan Scott Oliver

Wednesday 28 February - Saturday 02 March 2024

“Hold still and focus for there, is life” - Ryan Scott Oliver

Position: Assistant Director

"The Improverts Exam Shows 2024!" by The Players

Friday 26 April - Friday 03 May 2024

The Improverts return for two wonderfully wacky shows this exam semester based entirely on audience suggestions. Alw...

Position: Tech Manager