This show finished on Friday 10 March 2023, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

A Halfbaked Heist

A silly play about baking. Tickets come with cake!


Friday 10 March 2023


Bedlam Theatre




Em Leites McPherson


halfBaked 2022/2023


Ocean’s 11 if the ocean were a huge cake and Ocean a vengeful baker cheated of the Star Baker title. This is the pinnacle of the marriage of content and form, an immersive stage experience: eat cake while watching a halfBaked crew sabotage the greatest culinary creation of all time.

This is a halfBaked production, complimentary cake will be served before the performance. Not all performers will be off book.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Bernie Jambits) Leon Niven

Actor (Dionne Left) Eloise Quetglas-Peach

Actor (Finesse Wrangler) Grace Zi

Actor (Rubina Rickshaw) Karolina Pavlikova

Actor (Susandie Guard) Dominik Grabarczyk

Actor (Tella Skerba) Leon Lee

Producer George Manchester

Sound Designer Atalanta Lewis

Stage Manager Elissa Hunter-Dorans

Tech Manager / Lighting Designer Lewis Eggeling

Writer Em Leites McPherson


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