This show finished on Friday 17 November 2023, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.



Thursday 16 November - Friday 17 November 2023


Bedlam Theatre


£4/6.5/8 + £1 booking fee on the door


Aristophanes, translated by Jemima Jayne


A comedy originally by Aristophanes, translated from the Ancient Greek by the director, Lysistrata is a play about a group of women who, sick of the war going on around them, try to end it by going on a sex strike. Since their husbands haven’t figured out a solution, the women of Greece - led by the titular Lysistrata - have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Geronia) Gemima Iseka-Bekano

Actor (Kinesias/Herald) Ella Peattie

Actor (Lampito) Elham Khosravipour

Actor (Lysistrata) Izzie Hammond

Assistant Director Freya Game

Costume Manager Nhi Tran

Director Jemima Jayne

Lighting Designer Jason Jung

Producer Anna Yarwood

Producer Noor Kabbani

Set Assistant Ching Zhan

Set Manager Jemima Jayne

Sound Designer Cat Chapman

Stage Manager Serag Elsadani

Tech Manager Freya White

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