This show finished on Saturday 01 October 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Freshers' Plays 2022: BedlamVision


Wednesday 28 September - Saturday 01 October 2022


Bedlam Theatre


£2/3/4 + fees


The Freshers


Freshers’ plays are back, and it’s Eurovision time!

Having had our location used as the venue in the Eurovision movie we’re now actually bringing Eurovision to Bedlam! Come down to Bedlam to see 9 short and wacky plays created entirely by our new Bedlam freshers - all with titles taken from iconic Eurovision songs!

Groups 1-5 will be performing at 19:30

Groups 6-10 will be performing at 21:00

Tickets for the 2 Acts are sold separately, so if you want to see the whole show you’ll need to buy a ticket for each Act!

Act 1: 19:30

  • Growing up is getting old

  • Hello from Mars

  • Wolves of the Sea

  • Why Do I Always Get it Wrong

  • Give that wolf a Banana

Act 2: 21:00

  • Vampires are Alive

  • Bad Old Days

  • Eat Your Salad

  • Better the Devil You Know

Cast and Crew


Co-Producer Alex Mohan Morzeria-Davis

Co-Producer Lois Zonnenberg

Co-Stage Manager Catriona McIntyre

Co-Stage Manager / Group 1 Parent Luca Stier

Co-Tech Manager Mallory Smith

Co-Tech Manager Matias Krook

Creative Director Mick Zijdel

Group 1 Child (Actor - Baby Spice) Charlie Ringrose

Group 1 Child (Actor - Ginger Spice) Holly Spragg

Group 1 Child (Actor - Growing Up) Zac Askham

Group 1 Child (Actor - Posh Spice) Julia Pancer

Group 1 Child (Actor - Sporty Spice) Jodie Curtis

Group 1 Child (Director) El Marr

Group 1 Child (Director) Nikita Matthews

Group 1 Child (Tech) Carys Hrebenar

Group 1 Child (Writer) Gabriel von Spreckelsen

Group 2 Child (Actor - Lucianne) Iana Mitina

Group 2 Child (Actor - Regina George) Eve Nugent

Group 2 Child (Actor - Stevo) Eric Parker

Group 2 Child (Lights) Tatiana Kacmarska

Group 2 Child (Set, Stage, Sound) Michaela Hamman

Group 3 Child (Actor - Captain Morgan) Anna Yarwood

Group 3 Child (Actor - Newsreader) Maritza Warnik

Group 3 Child (Actor - Newsreader) Courtney Ohara

Group 3 Child (Costume) Chloe Lannert

Group 3 Child (Lighting) Bea Healy

Group 3 Child (Sound) Diya Goel

Group 3 Child (Writer / Actor - Bonnie Sweepwell) Lauren Green

Group 3 Child (Writer / Actor - Stoneflicker Jonesy) Lish Keir

Group 3 Parent (Actor - Barnabus Brush) Eleanor Ellis

Group 3 Parent (Actor - Curler) Lewis Eggeling

Group 3 Parent / Welfare Freya Game

Group 4 Child (Actor - Mum) Flora Gilchrist

Group 4 Child (Costume) Anwen Baker

Group 4 Child (Costume) Trinity Dodds

Group 4 Child (Cousin) Isla McLellan

Group 4 Child (Tech) Freya White

Group 5 Child (Actor - Tanana) Julia Bahadrian

Group 5 Child (Actor - Wolfboy) Tai Remus Elliot

Group 5 Child (Bananagirl) Sean O'Connor

Group 5 Child (Costume) Nhi Tran

Group 5 Child (Director/Writer) Jack Greengross

Group 5 Child (Tech) Zoe Beckett

Group 5 Child (Tech) Atalanta Lewis

Group 5 Child (Understudy Supreme) Eleanor Poethke

Group 6 Child (Actor - Bella) Julia Conti-Gemes

Group 6 Child (Actor - Buffy the Slayer) Amelia Brenan

Group 6 Child (Actor - Chad(Real Vampire)) Dominik Grabarczyk

Group 6 Child (Actor - Edward) Lupa Leeb

Group 6 Child (Actor - Stoner) Alice Fraser

Group 6 Child (Tech) Nat Lamont

Group 6 Child (Tech) Tala Davidson

Group 6 Parent (Actor) Max Hanover

Group 6 Parent (Actor) Ruby Loftus

Group 6 Parent (Actor) Florence Carr-Jones

Group 7 Child (Actor - Fish Boss) Chloe Brandwin

Group 7 Child (Actor - Fish Boy) Gaurangi Sehgal

Group 7 Child (Actor) Stephanie Goulding

Group 7 Child (Sound) Ryan Smith

Group 8 Child (Actor - Main Guy's Enemy) Ellen Sloan

Group 8 Child (Actor - Main Guy) Alice Sikora

Group 8 Child (Actor - Sal) Joe Rouse

Group 8 Child (Actor - The Receptionist) Smilla Eihausen

Group 8 Child (Sound Designer) Leon Lee

Group 8 Child (Writer/Director) Indira Nijssen

Group 9 Child (Child - Karen) Molly McCaig

Group 9 Child (Tech) Miki Ivan

Group 9 Child (Tech) Orlena Currie

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